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 my request for admin or mod(please read right away)

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dj lulu

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PostSubject: my request for admin or mod(please read right away)   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:00 am

hello i have a request to become a admin or mod on your server i am very experinced i have ran my own server called floodscape witch i got rid of also i was a very good admin on a server witch it now gone cookiescape.Also i am very good at helping people in the game i catch on to how to do things in the game very quickly so i will be able to help alot. and i obey by the rules of the server and wish for this server to be the best server yet i will inforce the rules and make sure everyone on the game is having as much fun as possiable and will make tones of videos advirstising the server and go on other servers and advirtise because i want this server to have as many players as possiable and i hope u liked my request for admin or mod and thank you my email btw is ( so if u have any other questions about request email me thank you.Also im very nice,caring,polite,and i get along with everybody.
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my request for admin or mod(please read right away)
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