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 I Think I'm Right For a Spot on the staff...

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PostSubject: I Think I'm Right For a Spot on the staff...   Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:04 pm

Well Like everyone else... we all want to be a moderator. I've Played Many "P-Servers" but I'm Looking for a spot on being a moderator(or admin). Why should "I" be moderator? I'm a administrator on another Server which i don't Play on a lot for Several reasons but i Don't want to talk about that for know. I'm Very kind and I will without a doubt support this server and try to get most of my friends to play it too. I will vote for this server and do my best to keep it alive. I Give Help To People who need it. Well That is all i have to say, if u are having thoughts of choosing me of any part of your staff i would be honored!

Any Questions? just Message me and i will reply to you, ASAP!

Thank You for your time.

(really hope i get a spot!)
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I Think I'm Right For a Spot on the staff...
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